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September 7, 2021






Limitless is here to remind your child that no matter how crazy the world seems the possibility for growth, fun and connection is always available. Limitless is designed to renew your child’s sense of enthusiasm, creativity, and optimism for the rest of the year, both at school and home. 

Green SuperCamp® Australia (GSCA) has been empowering young people for 10 years, providing personal leadership, academic acceleration, environmental awareness, and social contribution programmes for children aged 5 to 18 from all over Australia and around the world.  

A Spark of Curiosity,

Leads to Limitless Potential!

This is an awesome opportunity for your children, or other children you love and support, to join our highly skilled and enthusiastic team on a journey filled with fun, sharing and learning. These three sessions of engaging activities will help your children reconnect with themselves, their inspiration and self belief . . .  and of course you! Best of all, it will do all this without long hours in front of the screen.

Limitless is a personal leadership programme that will strengthen your child’s self belief and introduce them to the Eight Keys of Excellence from our GSCA programme. Like you, we know children have had a lot of screen time lately, so Limitless is a programme that balances online connection and learning and offline self directed activity.

Importantly, it also gives YOU a few hours peace

to focus on what you need to get done.

Here’s the details, so you can pop it straight into the calendar:

Dates: Wednesday 29th of September – Friday 1st October 2021

Times: 1-4pm AEST

Ages: 8-18 years

Where: Online Zoom platform – accessible in your own home!

Give your child the opportunity to finish the year with enthusiasm!

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Limitless will teach young people our 10 C’s Framework

It’s as easy as ABCCCCCCCCC…. You get the idea! At the end of Limitless your child will have covered so many things they will be popping with excitement. Rest assured, anything they share with you will involve the 10 C’s. Here’s what you can expect your child to experience and explore during Limitless:

  • Connection – A strong connection with self and the ability to create connections with others more easily.
  • Confidence – A greater belief in their own uniqueness and the skills and gifts they have to share with the world.
  • Calmness – An understanding of how to listen to their own thoughts and tap into their innate wellbeing.
  • Communication – Learn and experience strategies to help understand and communicate emotions and be more open to receiving feedback.
  • Clarity – A clearer vision of what they want to achieve.
  • Cooperation – Strategies to build trust and understanding, so that working together can make life easier.
  • Commitment –  The ability to take action toward their goals and make a positive impact on their future.
  • Centredness – An understanding of their innate emotional wellbeing and strategies to maintain a sense of balance.
  • Creativity – Igniting the fires of their curiosity and ability to do things differently.
  • Compassion – Developing greater social awareness and appreciation for individuality and uniqueness.

So, what can you expect from this 3-Session Limitless programme?

By participating in Limitless your child will achieve the following things:

  • Access their Positive Energy – Understand the importance of energy and enthusiasm, and fuel their optimism.
  • Personal Strengths and Skills – Insight into what makes them, and every young person, unique and a greater understanding of their gifts and strengths. 
  • Confidence and Self Belief – Boost their ability to understand themselves and believe in the power of their own voice and choices.
  • Recognize and Deal with Stress – Identify the signs of stress and respond effectively before it becomes disruptive.
  • Build Positive Relationships – Develop relationships that are strong and healthy and navigate the ones that are challenging with greater compassion.
  • Clarity of Direction – Discover ways to set goals and stay focused no matter what life throws at you.
  • Permission to be a Child – After a year that has forced young people to grow up fast, we will bring back fun, curiosity, and celebration.

Now you want to know the price right?

Well, that's the BEST NEWS OF ALL, because we have made this programme totally accessible to 
everyone at just $97. 

WHAT?       YES, $97…. and that’s for the whole FAMILY, no matter how many children you have!

You probably feel like this is a “no-brainer” and you just want to jump onto registration and then forward this to others you know and care about (which will make them LOVE YOU even more, so please do that!).  So, click the button below and sit back and relax, knowing you are giving your children the support they need!

Book your ticket now and secure your spot at Limitless!

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Even if your children are not initially enthusiastic that you’ve registered them…
We’re certain they will LOVE YOU for it by the end of Limitless!

If you’d like to speak to a real human being and find out more, our lovely team are at the ready and we’d love to explore the unique and specific needs of your family or children, so please contact us on the details below;

Phone:  03 9016 9575