Terms and Conditions

May 7, 2017


Once enrolled in a specific camp, transfer to a later camp (depending on availability) is possible if requested at least four weeks (28 days) prior to the original camp start dates. Additional expense will not be incurred unless the new campus fee is higher. Transfer must be requested and approved in writing.


Notification of withdrawal from Green SuperCamp Australia must be made in writing (email is acceptable). The following cancellation fees apply, based on the date your written notice of cancellation is received in the Green SuperCamp Australia office:

Cancellation Notice Received Cancellation Fee
One month or more prior to start date $ 500
One month to one week prior to start date $ 1,200
Seven days or less prior to start date Full tuition

The following additional policies apply:

If a child is a “no show”, no refund is possible as expenses have already been incurred. If a child has not arrived at Green SuperCamp Australia by midnight on day one, he/she will be considered a “no show”, unless otherwise notified.


Cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control within one month of Green SuperCamp Australia start date will allow you to roll your child’s registration to the next camp, without incurring a cancellation cost.

Cancellation notice will need to be given in writing as soon as possible and will need to include a medical certificate (unless otherwise negated with the camp director).

Exclusions: No refund will be given for the following:

  1. Failure to attend camp for any reason (see “Cancellation Policy”)
  2. Temporary absences
  3. Any withdrawal prior to or within the first two consecutive calendar days of the camp session (except for illness or injury)
  4. Dismissal from camp (see “Camp Dismissal”)
  5. Boycotting of camp by the camper
  6. Rebellion, riot or civil commotion
  7. Destruction of any camp facility due to any cause during the delivery of camp
  8. Closures due to national or natural disasters beyond our control during the delivery of camp
  9. COVID: In the event that an outbreak of Covid may cause cancellation of the camp, reduction in camper numbers, or your withdrawal due to border closures, a full refund of the camp registration cost will be given (unless you choose to roll the registration to the next camp).


Students are expected to observe a mode of dress, personal grooming and hygiene that are supportive of a positive learning environment promoting self-respect. We do not allow attire that displays inappropriate slogans and images or clothing that is sexually suggestive. Any student wearing inappropriate attire will be required to change his/her clothes. We recommend you do not allow this type of clothing to be brought to camp by your child.


In order to maintain the positive environment of the camp and protect all participants, Green SuperCamp Australia reserves the right to dismiss any student who breaks any of the following agreements. If a student is dismissed, parents will be contacted to make immediate travel arrangements, and no refund will be considered. Furthermore, parent will incur any additional costs associated with the child’s return home once dismissed from camp.

Being on Location: Students agree to stay on site in the areas designated by the staff for the duration of the camp.

Respect for Other People: Students agree to respect the rights and safety of others and not exhibit inappropriate physical and/or verbal behaviour.

Respect for Possessions of Others: Students agree to respect the privacy and possessions of others.

Respect for Campus Property: Camps are held on private property and students agree not to damage, alter, or remove anything from the campus. Parents are liable for damage caused by their child.

Forbidden Items: Cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, weapons, chemicals, animals, over-the-counter medications, or prescription drugs not prescribed in the student’s name, or abuse of drugs prescribed to the student, are forbidden at Green SuperCamp Australia. If a student is found in possession of or using any of these items he/she will be dismissed from camp. In cases of illegal substances or weapons, the local authorities will be contacted. If a student presently smokes, we suggest quitting at least two weeks prior to camp. Nicotine patches and/or Nicorette gum may be used at camp if coordinated through the First Aid Officer with parental permission noted in the Health History section of the Confidential Student Profile form.

You can expect to be engaged in conversation with the Director (or appointed representative) about your child’s conduct whilst at camp, if the possibility of dismissal is considered likely. If dismissal is the result of a specific unforeseen incident, you will be notified as soon as the decision is made to dismiss your child and given a full account of the circumstance of dismissal.


You understand that Green SuperCamp Australia will take every possible precaution to ensure the health and safety of all students. You give consent to Green SuperCamp Australia’s Director to inspect your child’s room and/property is necessary or required to ensure the safety of your child or other children at camp. You agree to indemnify and hold Green SuperCamp Australia and its agents, including Elevating Families Pty Ltd (Green SuperCamp Australia), harmless for any and all liability incurred as a result of your child’s participation. As consideration for your child’s participation, you agree to assume full responsibility for any personal loss, injury, illness, medical supplies, or medication. You also assume full responsibility and consideration if your child is dismissed from Green SuperCamp Australia, and agree to make immediate travel arrangements, at your own expense, for your child to return home. You agree that the terms hereof shall serve as release and assumption of risks for my heirs, executors, administrators, and all members of your family, including minors.


In order for campers to keep in touch with each other, a directory will be provided to graduates of each camp session. Directories will include student name, a contact phone number, and email address (if available). During the program, there may be interviews, photos and video recordings taken of the students. You hereby give Green SuperCamp Australia, (Elevating Families Pty Ltd) permission (without further consideration) to include the student’s name and contact information in the camp directory and to take and use statements, photos and video recordings (if any) for future promotions. If you do not wish to give this consent, please notify the Camp Director in writing.


You are responsible for the care and safety of your child to and from camp, until such time as they are taken into the direct care of a member of the GSCA Team. For this reason, you are strongly recommended to obtain the appropriate travel insurance.


Additional cleaning and safety measures will be put into place at camp, inline with the recommended standards decreed by the relevant medical and statutory authorities, which will include;

Hand washing, sanitisation of shared areas at intervals throughout the day, wearing face masks as required and adherence to the stipulated minimum numbers at camp and in specific physical areas/spaces. GSCA will also adhere to the Covid Safety Regulations adopted by the Cave Hill Creek facility.


By registering for our Green SuperCamp Australia Programme you hereby accept the Terms and Conditions as stated in this document.