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Celebrating 10 Years

life skills for young people

The world's #1 leadership and education school holiday camp experience for kids is now in Australia!

This video was made by Ash, who has been a SuperCamp graduate, team leader and crew member!

Changing children’s lives for 10 consecutive years.

Every time a child comes to camp, we celebrate our 10 years of services by making something wonderful happen in the world.
We have partnered with Buy1Give1 to make a positive impact in the lives of children over the world through our everyday business activities. Every time you choose to work with us, use one of our services, or participate in one of our events, we make a contribution, on your behalf, to one of the projects in Buy1Give1 like the ones listed below.

See the map of where our impacts on chilren's lives have been made.

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Camp Outcomes

life skills | emotional intelligence | academic achievements
for young Australians
Gift your child the school holiday camp of a life time!

We use proven academic acceleration techniques tailored to individual learning styles to give your child the opportunity to become a super learner at school and in life.

In a safe and nurturing environment we help students increase self-esteem and build character traits to break through barriers that can hold them back in life.

We share the skills, tools and strategies that enable students to get the best out of life and deal effectively with challenges, and we have a whole lot of fun along the way!

  • Increase in self esteem

  • Improve grades

  • increase motivation

  • Continue to use skills


Gift your child the experience of a life time