Further support

July 13, 2017

Keeping The Momentum monthly webinars

Keeping The Momentum monthly webinars are about creating the opportunity for Green Supercamp® Australia graduates to reconnect and revisit important strategies learnt at camp. We know that if our graduates can continue to communicate, encourage and feel supported by one another, they are more likely to continue using the skills they have learnt at camp. The webinar is a space where young people unite with new and old graduates. We help to establish a safe forum where young people can openly share their successes and challenges. The graduates are encouraged to reflect, use their voices and to step up. Each month a number of graduates step up and continue building upon their leadership skills by co-hosting the momentum sessions.

We assist the young people to continue to inspire themselves and each other to grow into the leaders of tomorrow and make the impact we know that they were born to make. Keeping The Momentum monthly webinars are run by young people, for young people.

Camp Brother Camp Sister Mentoring Service

Our Camp Brother Camp Sister Mentoring Service is designed to provide further support young people that attend Green SuperCamp® Australia, whilst they transition back into their lives after the camp, to assist them in successfully implementing the strategies and fundamentals that they have learnt while attending Green SuperCamp®.

As a service we are designed to support young people in various ways:

  • Achieve their goals
  • Increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • Work through challenges the individual may encounter
  • Assist the young person to implement Green SuperCamp® strategies and academic skills into their everyday life
  • Keep the young person connected to a supportive community, with encouraging and loving relationships
  • Keeping up the momentum after leaving the Green SuperCamp®
  • Life Coaching and Mentoring

The mentoring program will be in line with the fundamentals of Green SuperCamp® Australia, and therefore will be able to provide the young person with the continuing support and connection that they received whilst on camp.

This service is also available to young people whom have not yet attended Green SuperCamp®. For further details of our Camp Brother Camp Sister Youth Mentoring Services, please email Matt Searle: [email protected]

Personal Coaching for parents

Personal Coaching is a service designed to support your unique individual journey.  What underpins our coaching support is a belief that all any of us really want is to love and be loved and to be known, loved and got for who we really are.  So, in addition to being coached, you can expect to experience genuine care, a heartfelt respect, emotional presence, and a powerful experience of being “got”.  In short, you will feel loved and that’s the best space in which to create change!

Coaching is offered on a one-to-one and group basis, depending on your preferences and requirements.  This support focuses on the application of the strategies taught at our other events to the unique requirements of each coaching client, thus enabling a completely “tailored” response to your individual circumstances and context.  Our coaching services assist you to identify your goals and define your challenges, explore and understand your highest values, uncover anything that’s holding you back from a full expression of your potential and from making the difference you are born to make.

Our mentors use a powerful and effective framework that is well tested and proven to create lasting change.  They are also just really good people, with beautiful hearts that want the best for those they serve, so you can also expect a level of presence and absolute commitment to support and empower you to get the outcomes you truly desire.

Power of YOU (SuperCamp for Grown Ups)

Our Be YOUR Best event offers personal growth and leadership for adults, teaching engaging and effective strategies that are simple to apply in all aspects of life, and are taught over 4 days.

This event is a powerful introduction to the personal growth area and gives insights into the importance of understanding how values, beliefs and patterns of interaction influence the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Unlike most personal growth events, this event will also teach you the mechanics of the “process” so you can apply the learning in all contexts post-event, rather than providing content-focussed experiences that give a “feel good” factor, but do not translate into sustainable change.

For the details of our next Power of YOU event, please visit: http://www.theelevationcompany.com/events/