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October 5, 2011

Educators, achieve the best for your entire school


Like you, we know it is becoming increasingly difficult to respond to the unique individual requirements of each student within the context of a classroom, where often there’s pressure to do more with less… and get better results! Also, like you, we simply want the best for the young people whose education and development is entrusted to us. As the famous African Proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child” and we work to share the responsibility with schools, families and communities to ensure the best possible outcome for young people.

There are two ways your school can get involved: join the School Partnership Programme or become a School Network member. Both are free to join!

School Partnership Programme

We currently have the opportunity for suitably qualified Australian Schools to join our Green SuperCamp Australia Partner Schools Programme. Apply today for our school partnership programme.

We seek to partner with schools that:

  • Have a focus on the development of leadership skills and/or accelerated learning for each individual child
  • Are committed to building the capacity and culture of the whole student community
  • Appreciate the value of Quantum Learning and provide support to the students who return from SuperCamp to integrate their new skills
  • Understand the value of developing long term partnerships with Green SuperCamp Australia for the benefit of all students
  • Are regionally or rurally located – While this is not an essential selection criteria, we are committed to ensuring that our regionally-based young people get priority access to this world class program.

Joining the partnership programme brings the following benefits to your school:

  • Professional Development Programmes for teachers which are tailored to meet the values and vision of the school.
  • School-based presentations to students, teachers and/or parents (in person or via webinar, as negotiated)
  • Priority access to the registration process for students of your school
  • Tailored media campaign targeting both local and national media outlets
  • Recognition on the Green SuperCamp Australia website
  • Webinar education and follow-up sessions (free of charge)
  • Group booking discounts (for 10 or more students)
  • Assistance to access scholarships for students who may otherwise not be able to participate
  • Nomination for Partner School of the Year Award bringing national and international recognition for your school
  • Testimonial rights on the Green SuperCamp Australia website
  • Priority access to Quantum Learning Network’s other school based Accelerated Learning Programmes
  • Potential “school partnerships” with USA and Bali (from where our original facilitators were drawn)

If you are committed to a long term relationship and want both personal achievement and academic acceleration for students of your school community, we recommend you join the School Partnership Program.

Please note that there are only 20 partnerships available on this programme.

Apply today for our school partnership programme.

Bendigo South East Secondary College joins School Partnership Programme

Jeff and Kane and Heather with kids at SuperCamp Australia

Some of the Bendigo South East Secondary College students at SuperCamp with the Director

Congratulations to Bendigo South East Secondary College, which was the first school to partner with Green SuperCamp Australia.

The school took full advantage of the benefits of being a member of the Partnership Programme and sent 10 students to the inaugural Senior Forum in April 2012.

Upon returning to school, the students have begun sharing the lessons they learnt with other students at school… what huge benefit this will be to the school community as a whole.

Mr Ernie Fleming, Principal of Bendigo South East Secondary College said “SuperCamp provided our students with enhanced confidence, highly valuable learning skills and a can do attitude! All participants summarised their experience as ‘awesome’!”

Imagine what an difference Green SuperCamp Australia can make to your students, the culture at your school and your community. Contact us to find out how you can apply to join the School Partnership Programme.

Green SuperCamp Australia School Network

If you do not qualify to join the School Partnership Programme, we invite you to be a part of the Green SuperCamp Australia School Network.

The benefits of joining the Network include:

  • We provide your school with “early notice” of all Green SuperCamp Australia services and programmes
  • We share with you the learning and successes of other partner schools who are working with us to increase their student’s exposure to accelerated learning skills

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.