The Well

March 30, 2020


How to do social isolation without isolating ourselves and our families.

The Well

We are living in strange and changeable times where normal no longer looks and feels familiar.  So, how do we DO and BE our best when;

• our children are house bound,

• we are called on to use skills outside our comfort zone (like being a home-based teacher), 

• our usual support people and networks are out of reach, at least physically,

• our businesses and careers are suddenly thrown to the winds of change,

• all that we knew and could rely on is now uncertain and we

• are sailing in unchartered waters, where the rules seem to change every couple of days?

This is our modern life and if you are feeling out of your depth with it all, be sure you are NOT ALONE!

Each of us as parents, partners, members of our extended family, and community members are being called upon to stay calm in the midst of a sea of uncertainty like we have never known before.  We are separated and disconnected when the essence of the human experience is connection and belonging, with the only solace being that we are all in this together!

In days gone by, the WELL was a gathering place, somewhere people came together to meet, share, celebrate and be replenished.  It was a place not just to gather water and be nourished, but to hear about what’s going on in the village, connect with people, and be reminded that we belong.  It was also a place to gather information and ideas about things that might add value to our lives and that of our family.

So, welcome to this WELL!

Welcome to our well,…..your well,….. a well of inspiration, ideas, support and connection.

Here you will find information, resources, ideas and strategies to help and support you, and those you love, to not only survive in these challenging times, but to reinvent the way in which you do family, learning and self-care!  

At times of great uncertainty, it’s important to find clarity, direction, support, guidance, and reassurance you’re not on your own, so we invite you to “come to the WELL”.  Come when you feel alone, when you need information and ideas, when you’re seeking inspiration, when you want to know what others are doing or being at this time, when your children are moaning about being bored,……… even when you wobble and feel like you are going stir-crazy!

When you go to the well, you expect to find water.  

So, what will you find at this WELL?

Here you will find all sorts of great information, ideas, suggestions, strategies and resources, all gathered and created specifically to assist you and your family to navigate this challenging time with ease and grace, that allow you to;

• support your children to learn from home, with a routine and structure that ensures no-one goes crazy

• access ideas about things to do with your children and things they can do alone, so you are not ON 24/7

• get suggestions for things to read, watch and explore without having to sift through all the duds

• manage your children’s screen time without all the arguments

• establish agreements about how to do “holidays from home” without you having to be the only entertainer

• talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk, to minimise the “rub” of close proximity

• care for yourself so you can assist and support those you love without feeling guilty about having time and space to yourself

• better manage your own and your families’ fears without them immobilising you

• establish new patterns and rhythms in your partnership or personal relationship so you minimise the arguments, maintain respect and ensure you both get what you want and need.

Gathering around the WELL

From time to time we are also offering opportunities to join with us and other well-goers to discuss things LIVE and share ideas and inspiration, as well as challenges and struggles.  Since we are all in this together and the human condition is fed by connection and belonging, the WELL offers you a place to connect with others navigating the same unchartered waters and dealing with the same feelings are you.  

These live gatherings will focus on all sorts of things from strategies to support home-based schooling and improve positive communication, through to live reading of children’s stories.  So, keep an eye out for when these are scheduled to take place. We will also interview a range of experts who can provide you with loads of useful information, such a David Gillespie, author of the acclaimed “Teen Brain” book, Karen Borbolla from the USA, a specialist in creative art and learning, Dr Lani Lip, a medical specialist known for her wonderful support to young women, Clare Scurr from New Zealand, a teacher with 30 years’ experience helping children with educational transition, and many, many more.

Accessing the WELL

We have built the WELL so that you can get access to all the wonderful things on offer for just $97 a month and you can visit as often as you wish – several times a day, every other day or once a week…….it’s completely up to you and the people in your household!

What, is that right?   Yes it is……..just $97 a month!

This monthly fee will ensure you get an Access All Areas pass to things to support you the parent or guardian, for your children and young people and great ideas about things you can all do together.  The really good news is that you can stay for as long or as little as you wish and every day there will be new information, ideas, activities and resources uploaded onto the WELL to make sure you get the most up-to-date ideas that support and nurture you all through this strange time in which we live. 

What if you want something particular?

We also know things are changing and changing rapidly, so we are adding to the well every day.  No point having a well if it runs dry, so we are working to ensure the well is topped up every day with new ideas and information.  Here’s your chance to give us some feedback and tell us what YOU WANT in the well.  

What ideas do you have, or challenges are you managing with which you’d love some support?  We’d love to hear from you so we can be sure to give you exactly what you want. If you want to know about something or find information or resources for a particular purpose, you can be sure others are likely to find it helpful too.  So, we invite you to add your own unique flavour to the WELL by sending us an email or even calling our team to chew the fat about your unique and specific needs.  

Here’s how to get us on the line; email  [email protected]  or call 03 9016 9575

So, go ahead and access the WELL and let’s find the way through this together