October 14, 2011

Junior and Senior Camp Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re like most parents, you probably have a few questions about Green SuperCamp Australia, as you would about any summer camp.  This FAQs page attempts to answer the most commonly asked camp questions we get, starting with what we call “the Big Four.”

After reading our answers below to these FAQs, if you have other questions, please call one of our friendly and helpful customer service team on +61 3 9016 9575 or email [email protected]

The “Big Four”

1. How do you get such phenomenal results (like 84% of participants increasing their self-esteem and 73% of them raising their grades) in such a short time?

We get these results by employing our proprietary Quantum Learning System, which is based on over 30 years of experience, designing state-of-the-art learning strategies grounded in proven research from neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural psychology, and adolescent development.  Plus, our success with five million students around the world, including over 65,000 SuperCamp graduates, gives us the ability to accelerate your child’s academic and personal excellence.

We carefully orchestrate every single minute of every day to maximise your child’s learning and growth and we provide every student with a full 81 hours of training in our 9-day programs and 63 hours in our 7-day programs.

2. How do you motivate my kid? I’ve tried and I can’t.

We orchestrate every academic, life skill, communication, team and leadership experience through our Quantum Learning Success Model, which is based on the most effective, well-researched behaviour transformation techniques.  These experiences are designed to create “success moment.”

When adolescents experience these success moments over and over and over again, as they do at SuperCamp, they develop higher levels of competence that yield greater levels of confidence.  This systematic progression is the basis of the intrinsic motivation you want your child to have to be an independent, self directed, and successful individual.

3. Will my child be safe and secure?

SuperCamp has a 30-year track record of success, not only in terms of the results participants achieve, but also as a safe, secure environment.  Unlike some summer study programs that let students leave campus, SuperCampers remain on-campus at all times. On day 1, we assign teams of 10-12 campers with a team leader and an assistant.  This unit forms a close, supportive bond with team members and the team leaders.  Additionally, we have an onsite Wellness person at every program who supports the emotional and physical well-being of all the kids at camp.

4. Why is SuperCamp so expensive?

It takes an enormous amount of time, energy and money to develop the most effective academic and life skills program in the world.

We have a student-to-staff ratio of 4:1.  In addition, each year, our facilitators go through over 300 hours of extensive training in proprietary Quantum Learning methodologies and the effective delivery of the 300+ specialised learning techniques that lead to the outstanding results we get for your child.  We continually are refining, revising and enhancing everything we do to design our programs to meet the current academic and social needs of your child.

SuperCamp is the finest investment you can make in your child.

Answers to More of your SuperCamp Questions

Who Attends SuperCamp  Programs?

Our participants are similar to those in a typical classroom. While students’ grades range from straight A’s to failing, the majority are somewhere in between.  We believe everyone possesses enormous potential and can be successful in school and in life – if given the tools and confidence to learn and grow.

High achievers tell us they appreciate gaining learning skills that reduce their study time, refine communication strategies, and life skills that enhance their relationships.  Students who are struggling due to low motivation, self-esteem and/or poor grades will discover new techniques to help them hurdle the barriers that blocked their progress in the past.

At What Age Do Students Benefit Most?

Students benefit at all ages.  In fact, there’s so much to learn, we recommend students attend all levels, learning new skills and gaining new insights each time.  We encourage students to move through each camp program, continuously building on their Quantum Learning skills, to help with middle school, high school and college preparation and success.

How Can SuperCamp Help In University Preparation?

SuperCamp helps in university preparation in several ways.  First is the experience of living away from home in a collegiate setting.  Second, we focus on the process of assuming responsibility and accountability in one’s life, as well as honing study and learning skills and mastery of tests.  Additionally, students have written about what they learned about themselves at SuperCamp on university essays.

What Learning Skills Do You Cover at SuperCamp?

We cover Quantum Study Strategies (meeting deadlines, test-taking skills, study skills), Quantum Reading, Quantum Writing, Quantum Note-Taking and Mind Mapping and Quantum Memory.

What If A Student Is Reluctant To Go?

Although many students choose to attend, it’s not uncommon for students to be hesitant about attending.  We hear from many parents that this is a typical reaction their children have to summer camp programs in general.  Please call us and take a look at what some SuperCamp grads have to say.  Sometimes it helps to view the videos and talk to other SuperCamp graduates.  Many of them were reluctant to attend and ended up having the time of their life.  Here’s what we’ve heard:

  • I felt at home soon after arriving.
  • I looked forward to the challenge course. It was great!
  • It defined my strengths and I learned how smart I am.
  • I met fantastic people and continue to communicate with them.

What Kind of Supervision Is Provided?

The student to staff ratio is at least four-to-one.  Students are assigned to teams, headed by two team leaders.  Among other responsibilities, team leaders help supervise and support the students and are assigned to the same residence halls, providing 24-hour assistance.

What are the Backgrounds and Experience of the SuperCamp Staff?

Parents think as highly of our SuperCamp staff as their kids and we do.  And with good reason.  The people we hire are enthusiastic, supportive and committed to positively impacting lives.  The great majority of the camp’s staff are Education majors or graduates. Not surprisingly, most of the staff return year after year because they enjoy the experience of working with successful people in a dynamic accelerated learning program.

Facilitators, the most visible leaders at SuperCamp, are chosen from among the top professional teachers and trainers in the country.  Hundreds of applicants go through our selection process and only a few are chosen to train with SuperCamp.  Many of our Facilitators have advanced degrees and, more importantly, all have a natural ability to engage every student and bring out their personal greatness.  Facilitators receive 200-300 hours of on-site training in Quantum Learning methods before they direct the summer camp program.

Will Students Have Free Time for Activities?

Every afternoon, summer camp students have approximately 90 minutes for supervised “free time” during which they can choose to participate in a variety of activities and sports or simply enjoy some relax-time.

How Does SuperCamp Differ From Tutorial Programs?

The most fundamental difference involves the way we help facilitate lasting changes in a student’s attitude and motivation toward school.  At SuperCamp, students learn lifelong learning skills they can apply to any subject and serve as a roadmap for academic success.

When Can Parents Observe The Program?

Parents are invited to attend the graduation ceremony on the last day of the program.  This final session is an opportunity for parents to experience firsthand the camp program’s learning environment, meet the staff and ask questions, while students celebrate and say farewell to friends.

Parents can also view daily photos from camp and read about the activities through the Green SuperCamp Australia Facebook page.

Green SuperCamp Travel FAQs

What if you cannot find my student during Green Supercamp?

With our ratio of 1 staff member to 4 students, we are confident that we will keep track of all participants at all times.

We are nervous about our son flying alone. Is there a way I can see if anyone is going to camp from our area?

Yes, we can try to connect your son with other participants who are flying in and out of the same airport.

How will you get in touch with my student?

Traveling campers must provide a mobile phone number prior to departure.

How will you know when my daughter is arriving? What if my daughter’s gate gets changed?

We require each participant to provide a transportation itinerary: airline name, flight number, and any connecting flight information. This form should be turned in to us as soon as travel plans have been made.

My son is young and is traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor. How will you pick him up?

We are knowledgeable of the Unaccompanied Minor procedures and our staff will be prepared to receive your son.

Where will my daughter meet you after her flight lands?

We will meet each camper at their gate with Green SuperCamp shirts and name tags.

How will you know what my son looks like?

We require a recent photo of all students prior to camp.

Who goes with my daughter to the camp, and how does she get there?

Our Green SuperCamp Staff will greet your daughter at their gate, then go with her to the airport baggage claim area to help her collect her luggage and will ride with her in the Green SuperCamp courtesy shuttle to campus. Students will also be accompanied by a staff member and transported by shuttle back to the airport on graduation day.

Is my son the only one flying to Green SuperCamp?

Approximately 35-45% of students fly to and from Green SuperCamp every year.

Will you call me when my student arrives?

When students and our Green SuperCamp staff members have connected (and the student’s luggage has been collected), parents are notified immediately by phone.

Is there a bus service provided for Green SuperCamp?

Yes, we will be organising a bus to pick up from Tullamarine Airport.

You will be given times and locations for pick up/drop off and you can meet the drivers and staff who are responsible for the pick up of your child.

My child has learning, social or physical difficulties, can they still come to camp?

In simple terms, the answer to your questions is YES!!  At Green SuperCamp we have significant experience in working with children with a variety of challenges to their learning experience. Some examples of these are anxiety, dyslexia, vision impairment, hearing impairment and various levels of autism (to name a few).

Each of our Facilitators are trained in the Quantum Learning process which can be adapted to meet the unique learning requirements of each child. Furthermore, each child is placed into a team of between 8 and 10 children, with whom they share the entire camp journey and each team has 2 Team Leaders and a Leader-in-Training to support any individuals within the team who need additional assistance during the course of the camp.

Please be assured that your child’s difficulties will not be a barrier to their participation in the programme.  Additionally,  the camp can do wonderful things to enhance their confidence and help them to identify and understand their unique skills, talents and gifts… a truly empowering experience for all.

If you have any further questions around the suitability of Green SuperCamp for your child please email us at [email protected] and one of our team members will contact you directly.